Woofing Workaway e Worldpackers

The world meets Pesei

Since 2017 we take part in some rural hospitality networks. What exactly are these networks?
They are a net of farms or businesses that give board and lodging in exchange for a voluntary help in various activities.

Young people from all around the world have come to Pesei to enjoy their experience as a volunteer: we are a small business which could always use an extra pair of hands!

In exchange for their precious help the volunteers have the chance to immerse themselves completely in the everyday life of a small farm business in the mountain and learn new things every day by carrying out different activities: berries and herbs picking, production of preserves, mowing, and taking care of the donkeys!

By living and working together there is an exchange of stories, knowledge, experiences, and we all learn to communicate even with someone that doesn’t speak our language (maybe it will be a chance to brush up on your English or learning the ropes of the Brescian dialect with Abramo), hoping to create friendships and connections that leave a deep mark.

Tra i circuiti internazionali più conosciuti al mondo vi sono Wwoof e Workaway: noi aderiamo a entrambi. Da quest’anno siamo operativi anche con Worlpackers.
Un’opportunità da non farsi scappare dalle mani per allargare i propri orizzonti!


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